We are looking for young Edmontonians who are making a difference in the world and have a unique idea, project or story to share related to the theme of Our Legacies, Our future. This event is focused on the ideas that have brought us to where we are and the power new ideas have in creating a better future. A better world cannot be created without innovative ideas and initiatives, passionate individuals and groups, and advancements in the sciences, arts and humanities. TEDx Youth@Edmonton 2017 will showcase the answers that Edmonton’s youth are seeking to the Big Questions that face our community, our country and our planet.

We would like each applicant to submit a one page (8.5 x 11) summary and two minute video. Please be creative in producing these two parts of the application.

The written application should include

  • Name, age, school
  • Anticipated Length of Speech (5 minute maximum)
  • Overview of the content of the speech
  • Description of an experience you have had doing public speaking
  • How your topic connects to the theme Our Legacies, Our future
  • Reference from a peer (include Name, phone number, email)


Your video should

  • Be no more than two minutes
  • Convince the committee that you are the right person to speak at this event by being engaging, articulate and passionate
  • To submit, upload videos to YouTube and send in links

Please submit your application and video to terry.godwaldt@epsb.ca, with Edmonton Public, or  edward.jean@ecsd.net, with Edmonton Catholic. If you have any questions, difficulty completing the form, or need assistance creating your video please contact either of the above.