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Simranbw_cropLife’s Reliance on Science

Simran Dhillon is a grade 11 student at Harry Ainlay High School who is passionate about the multifaceted topic of science, and maintains helping others and humanitarian aid as a focal passion in her life; she wishes to leave her own individual imprint on both science and within her community. Her current involvement as the President and founder of Interact Ainlay has allowed her to explore her immense passion of philanthropy and altruistic work through unique and innovative ideas that impact both the local and international community. In addition, she currently obtains a Biochemical research internship at the U of A where she is analyzing the various freezing temperatures of water droplets on various peptides. She focuses particularly on organ preservation and creatively innovating various methods to extend the current viability of organs through experimentation and data collection. She also is an executive member in her school student council, a head coach for a basketball team, and is training to take part in this year’s Sanofi Biogeneius science competition to display her work within the field of biochemistry.

Denny and Simran’s talk focuses on the power of youth and how we have the capability to start pursuing our passions. If we begin to deeply investigate the wonders of science it is amazing how many positive changes could be made for the future of our society.

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On March 11, 2017

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