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The Antisocial Aspect of Social Media

Anna ZhangAnna is a professional, 17-year-old, teenager. What makes this occupation so intriguing is that she is one of many, born into the first ever generation that is indulged by two worlds: one that is real and one that is virtual. In the virtual world, she is Anna Zhang, a petite, airbrushed golden skin toned girl with 700 friends on facebook and 460 followers on twitter. In the real world, not so much. However, in this world, Anna is a student of the University of Alberta, a business owner and manager of her own professional music studio, AZ Piano Studios, and the winner of various awards such as the Festival Place Cultural Arts Foundation “Most Likely to become a Professional Performer” scholarship and the “McKitrick Memorial Speech Scholarship” for Speech Arts and Drama. It is undeniable that society’s dependence on technology has allowed social media to dictate, influence and act as a substitute for reality. Anna will speak on behalf of this issue, to share her experiences and ultimately inspire change within our generation on the antisocial aspects of social media.

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On April 4, 2016

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