Sauleha Farooq

Sauleha Farooq

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From childhood, Sauleha Farooq has not fit into any box, despite the overwhelming pressures all around her to conform to a pre-made pattern. Finding her voice as a young, Muslim Canadian girl – Sauleha has always resisted stereotypes from all sides. A homeschooler from preschool to high school, Sauleha learns from doing and acting. She is a speech and dramatic arts student and loves to bring literature to life. As she begins her education at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Science, she is concerned about the way world leaders seem to be forgetting important lessons from history. The stereotyping of minorities really worries her and has motivated her to start working with a group of girls to teach them self-defence and more importantly, how to speak up for themselves. A black belt in taekwondo herself, she believes that it has never been more important for young girls, of all faiths and beliefs, to stand up for themselves and use their voice in a way that is strong and powerful.

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On January 28, 2015

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